Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy covers the use of personally identifiable information that is collected through the Ward & Moore web site or any web site owned/operated by Ward & Moore.

General Terms

Your privacy is important to us. Any information given to Ward & Moore (such as name, address, phone number, etc.), which may be used to identify an individual or company, is used only for the purpose of communicating regarding Ward & Moore services to those who have expressed interest. Ward & Moore will not transfer, sell, give, or make available, to any company outside of our own, information that may be used to identify a person or company except when required by local, state, or federal law. Any inspection of electronic data and/or files, and any action based upon such inspection, will be governed by all applicable laws and law enforcement agencies.

Information Collected

Ward & Moore collects information that may be used to identify an individual or company during general visits to the Ward & Moore website, when a user registers for access to secure areas of the website, and when a user submits information to our Careers page.

When you register with or submit data to Ward & Moore, your personal information may be used to track file downloads, service usage, etc. Once you have registered or submitted personal information to the Ward & Moore website and signed in, you are no longer considered an “anonymous user”.

Ward & Moore also automatically records information from your web browser in our server logs. This includes (but is not limited to) IP addresses, cookies, computer/browser settings, and pages accessed. This helps us to develop services and web sites to better fit the needs and abilities of those who access the Ward & Moore website.

Web Browser Cookies

Ward & Moore requires cookies to be enabled in your web browser in order to register for/log into any secure area of a Ward & Moore Website. These cookies are used to hold information that specifically identifies you to our servers.

General Security

Ward & Moore uses the latest in digital security, to safely store any identifying information. This includes firewalls, access control lists, and data encryption.

Account information for Ward & Moore Websites are password-protected for privacy and security using industry-standard encryption methods to protect data transmissions as well as to encrypt certain information stored in cookies.

Policy Changes

This policy may be modified / amended from time to time. However, no public or private notifications will be made concerning any modifications or amendments. It is your responsibility, as a user of the Ward & Moore website, to read this and other policies in their entirety and to stay up to date with any changes.

Changes made to this policy will go into effect at the time that they are posted to the website.

Questions, Comments, or Suggestions

If you have a specific question about this policy, any other Ward & Moore policy, or the Ward & Moore Website, you may contact Ward & Moore directly.

For additional information on various subjects covered in this policy, please see the United States Federal Trade Commission’s Internet usage guidelines.